Founded in 2018 in Cairo. Egyptian-German Joint Venture

Project description: German Rehabilitation Day Center in Cairo
Project volume: 25-30 Mio EGY Pounds
Project Launching: 2nd Quarter 2018
Project Stakeholders: Elkhanagry Group, German Partners


As one of the largest health care markets in the MENA region, Egypt has a population of 96.0 m and growth rates of about 4% yearly. Egypt is looking to meet rising demand for services driven by its growing population. The country’s GDP in 2013-14 was around € 250 bln of which health care expenditure accounted for 5.1% while 59% are patients contributions. With the growing (urban) populations, the increased pressure by the middle class for more and better services public-private partnerships are increasingly seen as the way forward especially especially after surgical interventions.


The new rehabilitation day clinic is a joint venture of the ElKhanagry Group and German Partners. Centrally Located in Dokki / Center of Cairo it will offer places for 25 outpatients. For the necessary medical care 15 physicians and physiotherapists are planned. The specialist staff will consist of one third of German and two thirds will consist of local Egyptian physiotherapists.

The aging society in Egypt is facing new challenges. In addition, there are patients who are still in professional life and are to be reintegrated into their professional lives after acute events. In future, the new rehabilitation clinic will treat diseases of the nervous system as well as after an orthopedic indications (eg after hip surgery). Furthermore it is planned to specialize in neurological cases such as cerebral hemorrhage, strokes, craniocerebral injury and Parkinson. The aim of our rehabilitation is to eliminate or reduce disability, to avoid long-term care or to reduce earning capacity, and to ensure participation in working life and social life again.

The Project will be the first rehabilitation center in Egypt under prominent German clinic name, know how and system.